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Lily is an 18 year old equestrian from South East England. 
Lily is most renowned online for her bareback and tackless jumping & crazy activities which she gets up too with her horses. She has competed in affiliated Eventing and Showjumping, at BE100 and BS Newcomers. 

Lily owns two horses: 
The first is her 14hh Connemara mare named Crystal, who was her main eventing ride and the face of her social media account thanks to her huge personality (often displayed by standing on two legs) and exceptional attitude for putting up with any crazy stunt Lily throws at her. 
Lily’s second horse:
Inky has recently joined her, he is a 15.2hh Irish Sports Horse gelding who is very competitive in BS and competes at Newcomers level. 

Lily has a large following across her social media, and she loves to use her platforms to speak out on social issues and relevant global topics, as well as engaging with equestrians all over the world and producing creative content. 

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