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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Where can I buy your products? 

Please see our Stockist list.


Which product would you recommend removing stains?

Both our shampoo products are perfect to clean and remove dirt, mud and grease from your horse, but if you have a grey, coloured or dun we would recommend trying the Radiant Blue Shampoo.  But if it’s just for a spot try the Rapid Stain Remover.


Will the products strip the natural oils from my horse’s coat?

Our products have been produced to help keep the natural barrier of the skin protected, so we’ve added natural oils to help keep those coats silky and shiny and ready for the ring. 


Why should I buy your products?

Not only will you be buying excellent organic products that perform, you will also be supporting the British Economy.


Will the Radiant White Shampoo bleach the coat?

In our experience no, and we have tested this on lots of horses but if you are concerned with anything delicate, please perform a “patch test”. 


If the shampoo is not washed out thoroughly will it affect my horse’s skin? 

Generally, no, all our products are organic, they should gently cleanse the skin without disrupting its natural barrier. 


Which product is best to clean manes, tails and feathers? 

We would recommend combining our  Superb Shine Shampoo or Radiant Blue Shampoo for washing your horses coat, then finish off with our Lifting & Nourishing Wax Balm which has been created to lift and remove grease build up, leaving their mane's & tails feeling nourished and to help you go that extra mile for a show ring shine . 


Can I use your products to rinse off my horse? 

All of our shampoos can double as a rinse, just add a small amount of the product and dilute with water. 


Is it hard to rinse out the shampoo? 

All our shampoo's have a low foaming formulation- which means it's easy to rinse out, limiting excess water usage. 


Can you guarantee the products are 100% British and Organic? 

We take great pride in ensuring that our products ingredients and components are responsibly sourced, 100% British Made and organic. 


What payment methods can I use to buy your products with? 

PayPal is our prefeed secured online payment system. You can also pay by BACS – Please email or call us if you require further information or alternatively contact one of our Retailers from our stockist list. 


What is your return policy? 

If your product/s arrived damaged let us know within 48 hours. After this point No Refund or Replacement will be given. Our products are not sealed and do not have safety caps. Products must be sent back to us within 14 days from receipt in order to receive a full refund if damaged.


What is the company’s environmental policy?
Happy Equine Ltd is committed to looking after your horse with chemical-free, natural and organic products but we are also committed to the environment. All our products are sourced, produced and bottled in the UK, therefore keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible. Furthermore, all the components of our bottles are widely recycled and when we implement our refill service, (still in development ) you can continue to use the same bottle over and over.

Better still, we’ll encourage you to do this by offering a discount so refill products will always be the cheaper option. 


Are you going to extend your product range? 

Great question… In short, YES

We will inform you via social media and on our website when our next products will be released. WATCH THIS SPACE…! 

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